Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nice use of Pinterest

I am a Pinterest addict.  I love it.  It's both inspiration and slightly ridiculous.  But most of all, it's a collection of images that represent how I think, how I feel and what I wish for (recently, it's mostly what I wish for -- seriously, have you seen my imaginary multi-million dollar home?).

As a Pinterest addict, it may be with a bit of bias that I say Wright State's use of the program is interesting, but I'll stand by it.  When I worked in college admissions the most frequent question I got from parents and students alike was "what makes you different from the 10 other small liberal arts colleges within an hour of here?"  You can point to all the facts and figures you like, but in the end it comes down to a feeling.  A fit.  And that's something at which Pinterest excels.

The Wright State University Housing Services has put together a series of boards at that cover everything from campus fashion to res hall friendly recipes.  My only wish is that they used pin descriptions as a chance to give the school or the student(s)/staff writing it a unique voice.  In a few characters, they could easily connect back to the unique Wright State experience by describing how those things are uniquely "them."

If only this had been thought up by admissions rather than Housing Services.  It seems like a great way to answer that nagging question at the end of an on-campus interview...

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